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Free Truck Driving Schools

If you have decided that you want to drive a Truck for a living the first step is to receive your CDL or Commercial Drivers License. To receive the training to pass the CDL Exam there two options one is to pay an up front fee to a private Truck Driving School. The cost of this private training is in the area of $5,000. The second option is to land a job with a Trucking Company that will pay the upfront cost to train you for the CDL Examination.

There are several Truck Driving Companies that will train the drivers that they hire through their Company Sponsored CDL Training Programs. After completion of the training and the passing of the CDL Exam you will have to sign an Employee Agreement stating that you will work for the Trucking Company for a specified period of time in order for the company to re-coup their costs for training. So the training is free, however, you must work for the company long enough for them to recover the cost of training or you will have to pay a pro-rated rate upon leaving the Trucking Company.

The biggest advantage with the option of being hired first is that upon passing your CDL Examination you already have a job and can get out on the road quickly. With the first option you may end up paying $5,000 and passing the CDL Examination but unable to find work quickly. Most external companies want at least one year of driving experience before they will hire a driver. The Top CDL Truck Driving Companies can be found below.

Business Network Members
  • Benefield's Sports Bar
  • Alternative Furniture Office
  • Triple Oaks Painting

Trucking Companies That Train Drivers

Central Refrigerated
Is a large temperature controlled trucking company that provides a fast paced training program that will get you up to speed to pass your CDL Examination

Stevens Drving Academy
Stevens has been training Truck Drivers since 1992 with locations across the United States.

Swift Transportation
Swift is one of the country's largest Trucking Companies and they offer a quick three week training program that will give you the information that you need to pass the CDL Exam.

Driver Solutions
The key to Driver Solutions is that they are a matching service that specializes placing entry level drivers with a Trucking Company that will pay for the upfront cost of CDL Training.

Schneider National
Schneider National is the largest private Trucking Carrier in the United States and they provide a lot of opportunity for a new Truck Driver.

Business Network Members
  1. United Home Care
  2. MC Dubose Trucking Co, Inc
  3. Tirzos Bistro & Catering
  4. Heartland Human Services

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